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What is the Centre’s dress code?

Casual clothing is acceptable for all events.  Although not required, patrons of the arts frequently dress up for opening nights and gala events.


Do you have a coat check?

The Centre offers a coat check service on days with inclement weather at a cost of $2.00 per item checked.


Are bags allowed in the Centre?

Although bags are allowed on the premises of the Conexus Arts Centre, they are subject to search.  At the discretion of the venue’s representative, bags may be required to be checked during the performance and not allowed into the theatre.

Can I bring in food and beverage to the Centre?

We do not allow outside food and beverage at the Centre. Patrons may bring in empty water bottles and fill them at our water fountain or purchase food or beverage from the Centre. Please keep in mind we do not sell food or beverage for every event.


May I bring my camera or video camera to a performance?

Cameras, video cameras, and other recording devices are not generally allowed inside the theatre.  Any photographic, video or recording devices discovered inside the theatre may be confiscated.  Exceptions to this policy are posted at specific events.


I want an audio recording of the performance.  Can I bring my own recording device?

Audio recording is strictly prohibited in the Centre.  Any recording devices brought into the theatre may be confiscated. Please remember that copyright laws apply during live performances.   Many artists provide their own merchandise including performance recordings for sale.


How do I get in touch with your lost and found?

If you have lost something at the Conexus Arts Centre, please call (306)565-4515.


Do you have a mailing list?

Yes we do, the Conexus Connection click here to sign up

We will send notification of performing arts and upcoming events at the centre as well as special offers.


Does the Centre have a Facebook Page?

Yes, we do – CLICK HERE – LIKE US and you will always be in the know about what is happening at the Centre, have the opportunity to win tickets and other prizes and be the first to know about some of the great shows before they are announced.


We are planning a function at the Centre and have attendees with a variety of food allergies.  

Can you accommodate a specialized menu plan?

Most definitely!  Our Executive Chef Leo Pantel and his entire team pride themselves on providing you with perfect food service.  

Our Client Services team would be pleased to help you plan your menu and work with you to accommodate every guest's requirements.


How can I be contacted in case of an emergency?

If you think you may need to be contacted during a theatre performance please leave your name and seat number with our security department by calling (306)565-4515.  They will do their best to contact you if the need arises.




What methods of payment are accepted for ticket purchases?

The Centre accepts Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Conexus Arts Centre Gift Certificates.  No cheques are accepted.


Are there any other charges or fees associated with ticket prices?

The Conexus Arts Centre has some of the lowest fees in the industry.  There are three ways for you to shop, you can purchase your tickets in person, order them over the telephone or order online.  All online purchases have a $2.65 per ticket surcharge. All online and telephone orders also have a $3.20 per order (not per ticket) charge.

Service charges:  All ticket sales are subject to a service charge based on ticket prices set by promoters.


Do I have to purchase a ticket for my toddler/baby?

Yes.  We do have a policy whereby all individuals attending any performance require a ticket.  Please click here for full information regarding this policy.


What is will call?

Choose “will call” if you would like to pick up your tickets rather than having them delivered by mail.  Will Call tickets may be picked up at the Centre Box Office prior to the day of the show during regular Box Office hours, or at the Box Office day of show.  If you choose the latter, please try to arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes prior to curtain to avoid waiting in long lines.  Remember, the account holder is the only person authorized to pick up tickets at the box office by showing their photo ID and credit card used to purchase the order. 


Why do I have to show ID and my credit card when I pick up tickets?

We want to make sure that the person who purchased the tickets is the one who receives the tickets. In addition, we also ask to see the credit card used to purchase the tickets so that we can ensure your tickets were not fraudulently purchased. Exceptions can be made by contacting the Box Office at 306-525-9999 or 1-800-667-8497.


I can’t use my tickets.  May I have a refund?

Refund Policy:  All tickets sold through the Conexus Arts Centre are non-refundable and exchanges are not permitted.  If you are unable to use your tickets you may still have several options available to you:


Donate the tickets:  If the tickets are for a non-profit organization, for example, The Regina Symphony Orchestra you could donate the tickets back to the presenter. Contact the Centre box office for information regarding specific shows.

Gift the Tickets:  Gifting the tickets to someone else will show your friends and family how much you care as well as put a smile on someone’s face.


I purchased tickets from a ticket broker or some other source than Conexus Arts Centre (Varage Sale, eBay, Used Regina, etc.). Are my tickets valid?

The Conexus Arts Centre provides you with the highest level of customer service whether purchasing at the box office, over the phone at 306-525-9999 or 1-800-667-8497 or online at www.conexusartscentre.ca.  If you purchase tickets through another source we can’t guarantee that the tickets are valid.


My tickets were lost or stolen. What should I do?

Please call the Box Office at 306-525-9999 or 1-800-667-8497 and report the loss/theft. Be ready to provide us with all the details including the police file number (if applicable). On the day of the show, 1 hour prior to show time, we will reprint your tickets. This policy does not include General Admission shows where it is impossible for us to track tickets. 




Is Conexus Arts Centre wheelchair accessible?

Yes. We are fully accessible to standard wheelchairs and provide automatic door openers, ramps, handicapped parking, elevator service and wheelchair seating for theatre shows upon request at time of ticket purchase.


Does the Centre have elevators?

The Conexus Arts Centre has two public elevators which access all public areas. These are located on the east and west sides.


I am coming to the Centre and need some assistance.  What should I do?

Once you purchase your tickets, call security at 306-565-4515 to let them know when you will be attending an event at the centre and what kind of assistance you’ll need.


Does the Conexus Arts Centre provide wheelchairs for patron use?

Yes, the Centre has a limited number of non-motorized wheelchairs for patron use while in the building. These chairs cannot be taken past the curb of the front entry. To arrange to have a wheelchair waiting for you, please contact Security at 306- 565-4515

Does the Conexus Arts Centre Provide Hearing Assists?

Yes, we offer William Sound hearing devices for patrons in need. Simply inquire at our Box Office for details. These devices are complimentary to use, with just a few simple steps. Patrons are required to sign a waiver and provide a credit card number, expiry date, and CVV code as security. Charges will only apply if the device or accessories are not returned or are returned damaged.

Our hearing devices are user-friendly. They come in a convenient pocket size and offer two options for connectivity. You can either plug in standard headphones or, if you have a telecoil compatible hearing aid, utilize a neckloop telecoil coupler. The neckloop telecoil coupler, worn around the neck, syncs seamlessly with your hearing aid and the device. Adjusting the audio is a breeze with the device's dial – simply find your preferred volume and switch off when finished.

We also encourage patrons to bring their own headphones for added comfort. When your event concludes, please return the device and any accessories to one of our ushers. At Conexus Arts Centre, accessibility is a priority, ensuring everyone can fully enjoy their experience.


What is the Centre’s policy on Service Animals?

Service dogs are always welcome. They must be certified. We do recommend the end of row seating to ensure all patrons, as well as your service animal, have sufficient seating room. For emotional support animals, please contact our Box Office for assistance. 


What is the best seating for those with specific disabilities (i.e. blind, deaf)?

There is no “best seating” for these classified challenges. All concerns should be communicated as tickets are purchased so that appropriate seats can be selected. Patrons may also find appropriate seats online at www.conexusartscentre.ca


How do I purchase a wheelchair-accessible seat?

The theatre has spaces both accessible and wheelchair (standard size only) accessible on the main floor. Accessible seats are available to patrons whose needs require access without having to travel stairs, entrances requiring a limited number of steps to seats, and for patrons using a wheelchair that are able to transfer into theatre seats. Wheelchair accessible seats are available to patrons who will remain in their wheelchair for the event. These seats are available online, over the phone at 306-525-9999 or 1-800-667-8497 or in person at the Centre box office. 


If the event is General Admission (i.e. no assigned seats) you may purchase any seat, but if you are attending an event in the Centre and need a wheelchair-accessible seat, please contact Security at 306 565-4515.


What happens to the wheelchair if a patron transfers to a permanent seat?

The patron’s wheelchair is moved by an usher to a lobby space as close as possible, out of the way of safety evacuation routes.

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