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Vince Neil, The Voice of Motley Crue to perform for one show only at Conexus Arts Centre

Just announced today, Vince Neil, the legendary front man of Mötley Crüe will be performing Sunday April 22 at the Conexus Arts Centre. Vince will be performing all your favourite Motley Crue Hits. Pre-sale for Vince Neil will start Wednesday March 8 at noon with the code ``GIRLS`` Tickets will be onsale to the public Thursday March 8 at noon. ickets and info available at

Vince Neil is an international superstar, accomplished businessman and heartfelt philanthropist. His unmistakable voice leads some of the greatest rock songs of a generation in-cluding "Wild Side", "Shout at the Devil," "Home Sweet Home," "Girls, Girls, Girls," "Dr. Feelgood," "Kickstart My Heart," "Same Ol' Situation," and many others.

Mötley Crüe's epic 34-year run included countless multi-platinum releases, more than 22 hit singles, 100 mil- lion albums sold and dozens of global tours with sold out arenas, inclusive of some of the largest venues in the world. The band completed "The Final Tour" on New Year's Eve 2015, closing the book that told the story of their iconic career. Despite the Mötley Crüe departure from the rock world; however, Vince Neil shows no sign of slowing down, continuing to carry on with the unending "The Legacy Continues Tour."

Neil continues to perform all the classic Mötley Crüe hits with select cuts from his three solo albums. Additionally, this badass performer is working on new music, and has hinted about performing some of it during this tour: "I'll say that we are recording some stuff for a new record this year," he said in a Loudwire interview in January. "You often hear some surprises at our shows. I don't want to give away some of those surprises...The music is exciting. It's good, fun, nasty, raw energy and great songs."


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