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On the writer's fear of a "second book"

All writers dream of being prolific. Especially beginners.

But the reality of writing often disappoints and dispels initial dreams. To prevent this from happening to you, I suggest pay for a paper getting to know in advance the biggest enemies of writing productivity - defocusedness, perfectionism, and procrastination.

You just have to write. In any case. A second book. A third. And reread old stories, analyzing the characters' images, conflicts, presentation of information, and so on. Plus, read fiction books by experienced authors, learning, yes, how the characters are built, and how the conflicts are built. This is generally the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn - by reading classic literature.

First you essay editing service learn to see what you've learned from others, then you learn it from yourself, and then you learn to apply it. You don't have to be afraid. You have to learn and work and work and learn.

As for fear of the process, there's not much you can do about it. You can analyze and understand why. Why is it so difficult?

Sometimes it's hard just to write - and then you need a https://payforessay.pro/cpm-homework-help/ writing experience, any and regular. These are short posts and blogs. Or exercises for developing writing skills (the web is full of them). And over time, writing will become easier.

Sometimes, not enough of the right words. Then you need to read more. And not just short posts and articles, but good quality fiction. To enrich your vocabulary. You can also use exercises to enrich your vocabulary and work with dictionaries.

There are all kinds of things. And all cases are individual. Work it out. Understand. Try it.

And most importantly, understand why. If you want to write, if you want to record a specific story, no amount of trouble will scare you away. You'll write it down anyway. In spite of everything.

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