Welcome to Southern Saskatchewan’s leader in performing arts and most outstanding community venue, the Conexus Arts Centre! Formerly known as The Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts, Conexus Arts Centre touches a myriad of lives every year through on stage performances, concerts, celebrations, family and community events in our Capital Auto Theatre or one of our other spacious areas.

As well, it is home to the Regina Symphony Orchestra.


A 2031 person acoustically perfect theatre is the heart of Conexus Arts Centre. Ideal for large performances, the grand drape conceals a stage capable of handling the largest musical or dramatic productions. The front section of the stage may be hydraulically raised or lowered, providing an orchestra pit capable of handling up to 100 musicians.


This section is for all the theatre technical information, including Line Plot, Audio Supplement and Lighting Inventory and will apply to
Technical Directors and Promoters.

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This section contains information regarding our facility and our city that touring productions or out of town guests might find useful.
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